Yes I have fun working so don’t judge me.

When a new exhibition is coming up next in the gallery (well, a good one) I really get excited!

Next week we will be clearing the current exhibition at the gallery and install new works for march. Which, by the way, is LOVELY. The new works’ by Thai artist Khun Attasit have this magnetic quality about them. The portraits are beautiful, captivating and definitely a collector’s item. Which means – it looks good on any walls, the artist has a good rep with a good following of art lovers and buyers, and is ‘sell-able.

I can’t wait for the next exhibition to be up already, aptly titled “Inner Soul”. Still got to make a nice playlist for the opening though and think of which yummy snacks we should get to lure people in with. Wine is a must this time. Thank goodness! I am in dire need of it.

Look out more images during installation – will post em up soon. If I remember.

wine bull


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