Gotta watch what you say.

So we’ve got an opening tonight for our exhibition which I can’t wait for! Everything’s going pretty well so far – all the artworks have been completed, the installation is done, the food is going to come at the right time, the wine’s ready, and the artist is here waiting for some magazines/tv channels to come for interviews…

BUT about an hour ago.. these two people came in with an appointment to see the artist. I thought they were collectors who have followed the artist and hence want to see his works, but instead they were gallerists from up north who have exhibited this artist since 2008. So I guess you guys are friends and all.. but I ain’t friends with YOU! Generally I am a friendly person and was pretty open to them about the works. But I should’ve been more careful. The guy (sporting a white hat, white jacket coat, and a whiter mustache) just picked up a piece of paper from my desk. First of all, I was getting him and his wife water  so I couldn’t see what it was. But it was the PRICE LIST! Or so he assumed. It was the list of artworks with all info, other than the price. He wanted to ‘follow it’ so that he could make it the same for his gallery – or some lame excuse as that. I mean, I get it.. it makes sense to me, but he should know as a gallerist that there are certain MANNERS that are supposed to be followed as a civilized human being. You do not just march in, look at the office desk as if it’s an installation to be studied and deciphered, and then touch my things without asking. There’s already enough drama as it is with this artist, I don’t need more of it. I get my fill of drama from series instead.

Anyway, they are gone and the space seems much more serene now. It’s interesting to see that the artist doesn’t take that much time actually creating the artworks as it takes just drying or thinking about the concept. Sculptures are another story altogether though. The process, concept and execution – everything takes time!

Oh the media is here – time to go take care of them.




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