Hello, ‘inner soul’ – Review of opening

So what happened during the opening?

  • Sold lots of artworks (yay commission!)
  • Gave discount on most of the artworks (yay.. at least a bit of commission…)
  • Met new people (cool artists, wanna-be artists, pretty girls, pretty boys, old men, cool older experienced art professionals, random bozos looking for free food)
  • Took LOTS of pics (new FB profile pic material, how lovely!)
  • White wine (no comment needed)
  • Had a violin player for the opening which was… cute.

All in all, pretty normal. The good thing was that the artworks on the wall were really amazing so being in the same room with them day in day out, and talking about it constantly was not a boring, fake thing to do. That’s an important part of enjoying any art exhibition.

But I’m on the lookout of a refreshing exhibition that is different, meaningful, refreshing. There are quite a few coming up and I hope one of them really brings it! Please do recommend any exhibitions you think is or will be worth a trip.

Till then, enjoy the works! Xx


485947_488671334514533_1108232496_n 601521_437958292949748_117128574_n




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