#billionairehobby #artmarketfordummies #business #graphsandcharts #picasso

#artmarketfordummies #business #graphsandcharts #picasso #billionairehobby

I clicked on this one article, misleadingly titled “Art Market for Dummies” in hopes of discovering something new, informational, educational as a critic/art lover/professional. It led to nothing but very basic info. Really for dummies – although expected more.  


Here’s the gist of the article, summarized in categories:

  • Art = A Hobby for Billionaires (Okay yes, art is not THAT affordable, especially with big names and ludicrous prices. BUT you don’t have to be a billionaire or millionaire. Why is it that people will save up for months to buy an expensive dress but not for something as invaluable as art? I’m SURE there are people like that out there. Why aren’t there articles written about them?)
  • Picasso Superstar (P.S Today’s his 40th Death Anniversary! I do love him, although he was such a player throughout his life and into his SUPER old age it’s a wonder one of his exes didn’t kill him…)
  • picassoavignon picaso artsex
  • A Male-Dominated Business (which is NOT a male-dominated business, you tell me?) 
  • China Boom (aptly compared with The Great Leap Forward. The Chinese art collectors really are into the art game although mostly buying their own artists. Although the article informs the reader about these boom and that they’re in a bubble, why no further explanation?)
  • chinaScreen-Shot-2011-10-07-at-8.17.10-AM
  • Credits & Sources (I only add this here because they really have great, reliable sources and awesomely organized charts & graphs.)

There are instead, lots of books and articles by art critics, writers, collectors, gallerists, professionals who love to talk about how screwed up the market is. I guess any kind of market is ruled by lots of dinero! But it’s a fact that lots of people buy art to genuinely support artists who spend hours, days, and months creating something extraordinary, truly genius inspiration. So no matter what you may read about the art market, of rich filthy old men manipulating the market, under-handed things happening through art.. there is always a section of people – buyers, art professionals, critics and artists – that understand the personal, social and political value put forth by art. There’s always hope, you know!


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2 thoughts on “#billionairehobby #artmarketfordummies #business #graphsandcharts #picasso”

    1. Quite disorganized frankly. Most of the buyers as far as I’ve met are 80 – 85 % foreigners… and there is not much collaborations between galleries here to promote contemporary Thai art as much. Boils down to the many factors such as politics and black markets such as Jatuchak market where many people prefer to buy most things from – as its very very cheap. There is also lack of literature written about specificallly the Thai market so it’s hard to pinpoint the problem. Thai artists are flourishing and have jaw dropping talent though. Although due to the first hotel art fair in BKK at the Madzudi and new galleries, forums, etc that may change 🙂

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