Water water everywhere


Songkran just passed – which means end to a deliciously long weekend which makes coming back to work all the more difficult. The water festival was AMAZING. Everyone splashes water and one type of powder/ talc mixed with COLD menthol on each other, conveniently during the hottest time of the year in Bangkok. Imagine being soaked wet through and through, then the wind begins bellowing so swiftly, right before it rains. The best experience ever. Everyone’s cheery, friendly and free. 


Of course historically, it was a much tamer festival, but I quite love the crazy water festival as it is. And now being back to work is sad. Although it feels good to be doing something other than exerting lots of physical energy everyday

At work today however, two people came in. A older, and extremely fit man obviously hyped up on steroids with his… girlfriend? wife? sister? daughter? friend? pet? no idea. But damn, all those veins popping out of his leg was freaky. Didn’t say anything while checking out all the art pieces, but kept smiling and saying they like it. After that, abruptly left. Seriously, I stopped eating my lunch to attend for that?


Anyway, not much else going on. Got awesome delicious chocolate at work! Now I should get back to the emails and see what exhibitions are coming up. Image





2 thoughts on “Water water everywhere”

  1. Thanks for sharing this : I did not know what “Songkran” was ! It looks like it was a lot of fun ! By the way, you’re lucky to have Côte d’Or’s Mignonnettes at work !!!

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