Ai Wei Wei – more and more

So the famous chinese artist Ai Wei Wei is now going to be releasing music. For those of you who don’t know, Ai wei wei is a Chinese contemp artist and largely political activist. He has created many amazing, brilliant artworks that have pissed off the Chinese government royally and landed him in jail a couple of times. He’s awesome. I love him.

Now however, it seems that he’s delving into music, with advice from none other than Elton John! 

Ai wei wei describes what it felt like to make music:

“I really loved it. I had to make so much effort; I have never known music before. I’m really very passionate. to tell you the truth, I never listened to music. 
then, during my detention, the guards were so bored they kept saying to me, ‘can you sing a song?’ I felt so sad I couldn’t sing any except the revolutionary 
ones we had to learn when we were growing up … it would have made the time seem much shorter. after I came out, I realised I had never really listened 
to music or sung, so I decided to make an album. I know so many artists and musicians and they were really supportive.”


I, for one, am looking forward to the eclectic mix! i just hope it’s not like Gangnam Style! :S


(brian clarke’s poster published in the times supporting the release of the chinese artist)


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