8 Types of People in the Art Industry. Which one are you?

8 Types of People in the Art Industry. Which one are you?


A good introductory article about investing in art in Thailand, one that is emerging and somewhat risky. Worth a read!

Working and living with art in Thailand, I have come across many types of people, and many types of opinions about art. There’s the…

  • The genuine artist – Doesn’t see how to live without art and uses the canvas, the body, or any form to express their emotions or notions. There is so much passion for it, they turn the passion to a living.
  • The fake artist – Reads about Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Anish Kappor and thinks if he/she (it was a he) can create something similar, it will sell for a minimum of $10,000 US a pop for a small work. For bigger works it should at least be sold for more than 20. When asked why is he/she (he) was interested in art, unashamedly boasts it to give him/herself (him) an extra avenue of income to live a good life.
  • Art Lover – genuinely loves art, but unable to buy it yet. Some tend to be history nerds
  • Art Collector – loves art and follows artist, is able to buy
  • Ignorant rich person – Doesn’t know what’s the fuss about this “art” and thinks people should focus on other products, such as cars, property or diamonds
  • Ignorant non-rich person – Thinks it’s only for the rich and snobs. A pretentious hobby for both artists and buyers
  • Ignorant know-it-all – Thinks art = $$$$ and can easily be used to fool people into paying a gazabillion dollars for a canvas. And that working in the arts field doesn’t require hard work, dedication or real intelligence. Task List only includes 1 thing: find old rich people who are stupid and buy art. (Honey, if they were stupid they wouldn’t be rich and old. Unless they won the lottery).
  • Curious, hesitant cat – Not that I’m much of a cat person, but they are so fascinated with this art world and “creatures” like me that work in it. They don’t understand how it works, but want to know and peak into this mysterious little world of ours. So cute, really. I hope one day I can turn a curious cat into at least an art lover.

What many people don’t understand is that collectors look at art as a part of daily life, one that is infused with their lifestyle. However, there are others who also look at art as an alternative investment. I have come across people that the do not understand why people buy at all. But when I said it was an investment, they snapped their bored heads up so fast I thought it might crack.

There are those who have enough money to try their hand at something as risky as art investment, but I salute those who go for art purely because they love it, understand its value and want to genuinely support living artists everywhere.

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