Event ALERT La Fete Bangkok 2013: Le nuit des Galleries!

Awesome new exciting events are taking over Bangkok, including Le nuit des Galleries!

The French embassy has organized another LA FÊTE, with its first edition of “THE GALLERIES’ NIGHT!”


This Saturday June 1st until midnight, La Fête brings gallery hopping to Bangkok. You can visit 18 of the best contemporary art spots of the city in a festive and relax atmosphere. There is awesome food, drinks, friends, a chance to revel in art and openings all night long!

My gallery, along with 17 others are participating around Bangkok and need to stay open until 12:30 am. There will also be prizes to be won for people who are able to travel to a certain amount of galleries while gallery hopping the night away! I wish I were able to, but I’ll need to stay put for the rest gallery hoppers that visit us. So exciting! To know more just click on https://www.facebook.com/events/196691290481681/. Anyone and everyone’s welcome!



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