On November 12, 2013:

I bumped into a school friend (more acquaintance) at the mall and we greeted each other cordially. She’s in her early 20s (21-22 years old) . These brief, accidental meetings generally don’t mean much – but till today I still think of our conversation.

She’s about to finish her undergrad studies in a few months so I asked her what’s next? To which she replied – oh of course, work. Then marriage. What else is there for an Indian girl?

She is to be engaged in two months with her Indian boyfriend.

I am still in shock that her life is so considerably comfortable that she truly believes this is the only path. Eat, live, poop, drink, have kids, make money, die.

Maybe I’m too judgmental. After all, being comfortable and financially secure, finding a job, finding a man for marriage is hard enough on its own.

But to think there is NOTHING else a young Indian woman can do – is that not awfully CRAZY. It’s like being stuck in a narrow, comfortable feather box and never wanting to leave. I guess many would choose to stay. I wish I replied to her right there and then with something such as “Uh, there is A LOT MORE for an Indian girl, or anyone to move forward in life. Travel. Start a project / business. Go on a residency. Teach. Draw. Write. Go to Africa. Start modelling. Become a chef. Become a racer. Anything! Just don’t think you can’t”

I hope I get out soon – and find new paths. Although that can be hard too.


KJ ink.


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