What do people think an art gallery REALLY is for?

I have been getting quite strange requests and questions since the past year. People have asked to rent out the gallery space for random occasions, sometimes for fashion events which is totally cool, beauty expo, hang-out sesh, etc. The strangest have been the two below:

RandomWomanWhoWantsAFancyDinner: “Hello… referred me to you for a possible art gallery where I can host a dinner. I want to cook the dinner at the place and serve about 15 of our friends.”

The gallery I’m at does not have a kitchen, only a pantry. Which I thought applied to all galleries, but now I am doubting myself. Is it not enough that most visitors only come in during the openings to hog on free food and beer? Screw it. I’m going to turn this gallery into a restaurant. Might as well drop all pretenses!

SmartNewBusinessIdeaforArtsyWedding!: “I was just wondering if the gallery is open for rentals. I’d like to do the wedding reception dinner with just a handful of friends and your space is quite perfect for what I have in mind. It’s going to be just a dinner party, nothing crazy. Would you kindly let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.”

A reception in an art gallery!? Whoa. That is passionate. Please come in, hopefully you would like to buy some works to remind you how beautiful your wedding reception was, and will always be. I would great appreciate it. 

It’s dinner time >>>  





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