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Bangkok protests – an update from the streets of Sukhumvit

Okay, so I am quite horrible at keeping a blog active. But in my defense… well, there’s so much going on and no time. Once I start writing, it’s hard to stop. But today I will get to the point. 


In Bangkok with the protests, there are many things going on. Monday was an off day for most, as the main districts and junctions were overflowing with people and the whistlers. However, there was no violence and since I’m not involved in the political scene here, life is just a bit boring. Due to the protests, I could not go to work and had to stay indoors. Today as well, I am to be at work for only 2 hours because there is no point. At an art gallery, it’s important to have visitors come in and with the protests, that’s not really happening. Which gives me time to focus on my independent projects. More on that front later. 

Although the protests have also impacted on the currency (USD is now 32.8 THB! From 30!), many Thais believe that this short-term ‘inconvenience’ will benefit the long-term growth for Thailand. Which I agree with. A country such as Thailand needs to become more stable as it is becoming more cosmopolitan and a hub for Southeast Asia year after year. Corruption is a concerning issue, and it is good to see that the public is aware and ready to take action. However, there is a line between violent and non-violent means. Hopefully the government is willing to change for the good of the public so that the country can move forward peacefully. 

Since today is my day off – well, it will be in 30-45 minutes, it would be good to spend some personal time with myself and the boyfriend. Time for some cooking, some movie, some home-time. Time to relax!